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Cancer Aid

Sun Warning Flag

/ Heimat Berlin

The biggest danger about going to the beach isn't at the sea – it's the exposure to the sun.
In fact, eight times more people die from melanoma (skin cancer) than from drowning.
The Sun Safety Flag was created to alert beachgoers to the dangers of UV radiation.


The Sun Safety Flag is a world-first which features a black-on-black design of a black sun on a black flag. Meanwhile, the iridescent aura of the black melanoma sun rings corresponds to the colour code used in the United Nations World Health Organisation UV index. 


When the flag is flown, the UV level should be checked. This can be done by looking at the UV index chart, which is positioned on the flagpole's base. If it's green, then no action needs to be taken. However, when the arrow marker is placed next to higher levels, beachgoers ought to be careful with the sun.


As well as the flag and the index chart, people can use a QR code to access a microsite which brings up the UV index and other useful information.

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